Expand Yoga Signs on as Tacoma Block Party Sponsor!


Downtown Tacoma Neighbors are excited to announce our latest sponsor, Expand Yoga!  Expand Yoga offers some of the most affordable hot yoga in the area at their clean, modern studio on the second floor at 1015 Tacoma Avenue. 

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Expand Yoga offers two styles of Hot Yoga: Original Hot and Hot Vinyaasa. The 60 minute Hot Vinyassa class is only $5, and focuses on moving mindfully and connection with your breath.  The 90 minute Original hot is $7 and is made up of 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises is designed for beginners, but still has plenty to offer more experienced practitioners.  

For more information on class schedules and cost visit the Expand Yoga webpage here. Thanks again to the folks at Expand Yoga for your support of this years Downtown Tacoma Block Party on August 20th!

Sponsor Profile: THE MIX

We are so excited to officially announce THE MIX, one of downtown Tacoma’s HOTTEST BARS has signed up to sponsor the 2011 Downtown Tacoma Block Party.  The Mix is located in the historic Webster Building located just across the street from Opera Alley.  They are locally owned and have been a vital part of downtown Tacoma’s resurgence in the past few years.

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A favorite location for dancing, karaoke, and hanging out with friends, The Mix will be taking their party making skills to the streets at the block party this year.

Thanks so much to the folks at The Mix for your support of our community event, we know the party is going to be at LEAST 25% more fun because you’re a part of it!

2011Block Party Poster Painting Party! Want to come?

That’s a lot of P’s. So here’s the plan. We want our poster this year to embody the creative and collaborative spirit of the party. Our friends at Slidesideways designed another great poster, but they left the color out so you could paint it!

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Thursday night at 7pm we are hosting a watercolor painting party. Everyone that comes will get to paint to their heart’s delight and sign their names to the bottom. All over town people can see your beautiful work!

Are you interested in coming? Email locallifetacoma at gmail dot com or call Justin: 253 330 6932. The slideshow below contains examples of what Scott and Jacqui from Slidesideways already printed and painted. What will yours look like?

Downtown Tacoma Block Party Has Art!

Plans are starting to come together for some of the community art events at this years block party August 20th from 5pm-10pm in Opera Alley!

We don’t want to give all of our surprises up at once, but we are excited to share that there will be a dance/paint interactive community art experience that the artist is calling, “Create A Colorful Dance.”

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Stay tuned for more info about the 2011 Downtown Tacoma Block Party in Opera Alley! For more information or to find out how to participate email Justinkmayfield at gmail dot com.

Artists Wanted for Downtown Tacoma Block Party!

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Are you interested in creating community art? Then Downtown Tacoma’s Block Party Planners want to hear from YOU!

We are looking for any and all visual or performance artists. Someone who might want to:

lead a community dance…

create a collaborative mural or a craft…

show off their skills in action by doing live painting and other types of demonstrations…

give us an idea for getting neighbors to participate in art together that we haven’t even dreamed of!

“I feel that last year we had a great amalgamation of activities for people to participate in,” says Justin Mayfield of the Downtown Tacoma Neighbors. ” We had chalk, painting, being painted, silly photobooth, and even board games as well as other things. This year we are looking to expand the vibe of participation.”

Vibe is the emphasis because we want every person who enters to have something they can be doing with others that feels like it connects to the overarching vibe. We’re planning to have jam musicians who set the beat like the drummer on an ancient ship while everyone else dances, paints, and creates to the groove.

“Of course there will be explicit message of neighborhood collaboration and stories of successful neighborhood projects,” says Justin, “But the vibe is really just a taste of what those things might feel like.”

Want to contribute to the Vibe? Contact Justin at at 253 330 6932 or justinkmayfield <at> gmail <dot> com.